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This curriculum is online and student paced. It is available as a Canvas Course


This option also allows students the ability to earn a Local Level Certificate of Completion.


How to Import Module (Pathway Course or Enrichment Level) to Your Canvas Course:

1. You are in Commons

2. Search for “Job Ready” in the Search bar

3. Select/click the Job Ready module you want to import

4. Select/check box for courses you want to import to

5. Click green “Import to Course” button Next, go to the course you imported to and click on modules to find the new Job Ready module—probably at the bottom. This may take 5 minutes. You will need to add students and also click through the first assignment.


Students CANNOT access assignments until you do so.

Each of the Pathway Courses have Enrichment content that may also be incorporated in classroom instruction. Students may earn certificates for Enrichment modules in addition to their Pathway Course 1, Pathway Course 2 or Pathway Course 3 local certificates. Enrichment content is ideal if a student is simultaneously taking more than one CTAE class at the same level.

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Frequency Observation Tools

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