October 2019

Cherokee Bluff High School

Zara is an Honors WBL student in the Healthcare Science pathway. Zara interns at NGHS Braselton and aspires to be either a neonatal or pediatric specialist. Zara plans to attend either UGA, Clemson, or UNC upon graduation, followed by med school for her doctorate degree.

Zara’s mentor states “She is professional, attentive and inquisitive. Zara demonstrates a desire to learn.”

Congratulation, Zara!

Zara Hammett

North Georgia Health Systems

Yaxire is a Senior who has completed the Patient Care Fundamentals Pathway. Yaxire’s career goal is to be a dental hygienist. She started the year interning with Dr. Ben Hawkins where she was learning basic dental care techniques. Because of Yaxire’s hard work,  she is now a paid intern at Dr. Kock’s Oral Surgeon Office. Yaxire is now helping sterilize equipment, observe surgeries and assist with front office duties.


Her mentors state, “We enjoy having her as part of our team. She is punctual, professional and motivated.” 

Great Job Yaxire, we are proud of you!

Chestatee High School

Yaxire Esquivel

Hawkins Family Dentistry

Janelly Lara

My career goal is to become a real estate agent.  I love to interact with people and make people happy.  I plan to go to college and get my bachelor’s degree and obtain my real estate license. 

At Keller-Williams I have learned about marketing and how to get your business out there.  My internship has helped me gain knowledge about real estate and how there are different parts to help your business grow. 

This has been such a great experience and opportunity for me.  I give thanks to the Work-Based Learning class. 

Keller Williams Realty

East Hall High School

Alex Salb

Alex is a Senior and interns at Carroll Daniel Construction in Gainesville, Ga.

Alex is completing the Engineering Pathway and learning various Engineering skills as well as employability and workforce development skills through WBL. 

He continues to excel in the program and is pursuing his Georgia Best Certificate!

Great Job Alex!  

Flowery Branch High School

Carroll Daniel Construction

“Vi is great with problem solving. She has a positive attitude, is flexible, and is adaptable.  She is building relationships with students and doing an amazing job!”

~ R. Hatcher, Teacher

   Chestnut Mountain Elementary



Great  Job, Vi!

Vi Tran

Johnson High School

Chestnut Elementary School

Wyatt Wallace

Wyatt transferred to LCCA this year so he could be a part of Mitch Davis’ Agriculture Mechanics Program.  Wyatt heard about the skills our students were learning and the apprenticeship opportunities available to him as an LCCA student.

Wyatt connected with me immediately and we created a job plan with Kubota.  He’s been employed with Kubota since September and is exceeding the expectations outlined for his daily tasks.  His manager noted that his work ethic is exceptional, “he’s a great kid with lots of potential”!  Keep up the great work  Wyatt, we are so proud of you!

Lanier College & Career Academy


Jahayra Valdovinos

Jahayra is a Senior heathcare WBL intern at Northeast Georgia Medical Center.  She plans to attend college and medical school after graduation in pursuit of a career as an ER Physician.


Jahayra’s mentor states “Jahayra always comes in on time ready to learn and help out wherever needed.  She stays later than required to learn more.  Jahayra has a very professional attitude, is pleasant, and shows compassion to patients, families, and staff.” 


Congratulations, Jahayra!


North Hall High School

Northeast Georgia Health Systems

Jennifer Gardner

Corner Cafe

Jenna is a junior WBL student who is doing her internship at the Corner Cafe at Lanier College and Career Academy. She is a very hard worker and her employer spoke very highly of her. 

Great Job, Jenna!




North Hall High School

West Hall High School

Gabrielle Mauro

Gabrielle is a Work-Based Learning intern at Lanier Family Dentistry in Buford. She is working towards completing her Allied Healthcare Pathway. Gabby intends to pursue a career in dentistry. Upon graduation she plans to attend college at UNG then go to dental school. 

“Gabrielle is a great student; she is asking all the right questions and is genuinely interested in everything we do here at the office.” –Dr. Ala Brown

Congratulations, Gabby!!


Lanier Family Dentistry

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