February 2020

Cherokee Bluff High School

Andrea  is a Healthcare Science student who  is completing the Sports Medicine pathway this year. She interns at Spout Springs in the Nurse’s Clinic. Andrea plans to attend college and pursue a degree in the medical field.

Andrea’s mentor states “she is very respectful, follows directions well, and is willing to ask questions when necessary.”

Congratulations, Andrea!

Andrea Hernandez

Spout Springs Elementary

Heidi Sanchez

Heidi is a Senior at Chestatee who is dual enrolled at Lanier Technical College. Heidi works 25 hours per week as a Human Resource Assistant at IMS Gear. Some of Heidi’s tasks include:

•Assisting with the Apprenticeship Program

•New Hire Process

•Strategic Purchasing Manager

•Benefits Reconciliation

•Liaison for the Hispanic Employees using her Bi-lingual skills

Heidi’s mentor states, “ Heidi is dependable, self-motivated, task-oriented and displays traits of a leader in all she does. We are thrilled to have her, hopes she continues to work with our company and don’t know what we would do without her.”  Heidi is a great example of how WBL and Dual Enrollment are a great combination with scheduling. Great job Heidi, we are all proud of you!

Chestatee High School

IMS Gear

Tyler Martin

Tyler plans to attend a technical school for a degree in Applied Technology.  His career goal is “to not only have a job but a career in which I’m passionate about and love.” 

“WBL has helped me plan for the future by not only preparing me for what’s ahead but opened my eyes to the opportunity around me.”

“The biggest thing I have learned from my experiences on the job is to treat others as you would want to be treated. And I’m doing that people will remember who you are.” 

“I would recommend WBL to students who want to get ahead, and by get ahead I mean students who want to learn and grow as a student in the workplace. It teaches you the essentials to success.”

Congratulations Tyler!  Thank you for representing EHHS and WBL!

Ace Hardware

East Hall High School

Anna Jones

Anna is the Work-Based Learning Student of the Month for February 2020!  She is a Senior and is currently interning at Northeast Georgia Health Systems. 

Anna is a 2nd year WBL Healthcare Intern and she is pursuing a career in Nursing. She is completing soft skill lessons to earn the Georgia Best Certificate!



Flowery Branch High School

Northeast Georgia Health Systems

Oliver is a pathway completer for Business & Technology and has earned the GeorgiaBEST Employability Credential. He is also the   

Recipient of The Dream US Opportunity Scholarship at

Eastern Connecticut State University, March 2019. 

‘Oliver is an amazing employee.  He is one of the best students I have ever had to work at Target.  Oliver is helpful and courteous to customers.  He is able to work well in any department.’ ~Rayna Price, Management

Great  Job, Oliver!

Oliver Hernandez

Johnson High School


Jessica Jara

Terrell Malone, a senior at LCCA, is employed with Lanier Carts & Outdoor in Gainesville, Georgia.  Terrell is an Agriculture Mechanics student on track to graduate a year early with a desire to train for a career in the aviation maintenance field. 

When realizing the opportunities he has with mechanics and small engine repair at Lanier Carts, Terrell decided to remain at LCCA for the year and work on his mechanical skill set and continue with the WBL program.

Terrell’s employment as a work-based learning student with Lanier Carts & Outdoor is providing excellent training motors in addition to the transferable soft skills that ALL employees must exhibit. 

We look forward to what the future brings for this standout student!

 Congratulations “T”!!

Lanier College & Career Academy

Lanier Carts & Outdoor

Kenneth Faulker

Rising Fawn Farms

North Hall High School

Kenneth is an outstanding student at school and at work.  He is an employee at Rising Fawn Farms and is working towards completing his Agriculture pathway.


He is always so polite, respectful and has the best attitude. He does whatever he is told with a smile on his face! 

Great Job, Kenneth!

Bentley Smallwood

Chad Ray Performance Horses

Bentley is a second year Work Based Learning student who has completed the Vet Science Pathway.  She works at Chad Ray Performance Horses where she excels in her role as a horse trainer.


Bentley’s mentor states that her problem solving skills and time efficiency make her a valuable asset to the business.


Great job, Bentley!




North Hall High School

West Hall High School

Anthony is a junior who works at Northeast Georgia Rentals. He is completing his Carpentry pathway and recently competed at the SkillsUSA region meet. Anthony was awarded the Carpentry Outstanding Student certificate during CTAE month. Anthony is a member of the WBL Honor's Cohort. 

Anthony plans to pursue a career in the automotive industry. His employers feels he is a trustworthy, hardworking employee with a bright future. 

Congratulations, Anthony!


Anthony Ferrera

Northeast Georgia Rentals

The Hall County Board of Education is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, religion, handicapping condition, or sex in its educational programs or employment. 

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