"It’s our goal to ensure that every single Georgia

student graduates prepared—not just for higher

education, should they choose to pursue it, but also

for a meaningful career in the field of their choice.

For that reason, employability skills are a matter of

importance for every Georgia student,

every Georgia educator, and every Georgia

business. Working together, we can make sure each

student who graduates from a Georgia high school

is equipped for a successful future." 


                                        -Richard Woods, Georgia School Superintendent


Standard 1:  Demonstrate employability skills required by business and industry.

  1. Communicate effectively through writing, speaking, listening, reading, and interpersonal abilities.

  2. Demonstrate creativity by asking challenging questions and applying innovative procedures and methods.

  3. Exhibit critical thinking and problem solving skills to locate, analyze and apply information in career planning and employment situations.

  4. Model work readiness traits required for success in the workplace including integrity, honesty, accountability, punctuality, time management, and respect for diversity.

  5. Apply the appropriate skill sets to be productive in a changing, technological, diverse workplace to be able to work independently and apply team work skills.

  6. Present a professional image through appearance, behavior and language.

Employability skills are cited as among the most important skills by employers (Hart Research Associates, 2015).

A lack of employability skills may contribute to a “talent shortage” (ManpowerGroup, 2012).

The demonstration of employability skills is correlated with better hiring rates, success on the job, and earnings (Lippman et al., 2015).

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